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Sep 15, 2015

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Chemical Bonding - 1

1. An ionic bond can be formed between two atoms when

2. The cohesive energy of an ionic crystal is the energy

3. An ionic solid is a poor conductor of electricity because

4. A covalent bond is formed between two atoms when

5. Which of the following is required for the formation of an ionic bond?

Aug 5, 2015

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Roll over the hotspots for details


Jul 24, 2015

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NACA Series

1. In a NACA 4 digit series, what does the first number represent?

2. Default maximum thickness of a 4 digit NACA series aerofoil is?

3. What is the maximum camber location of a NACA 2412 aerofoil from leading edge?

4. What is the theoretical optimum lift coefficient of a NACA 23112 aerofoil at ideal angle of attack?

5. What does the third digit in a NACA 5 series aerofoil represent?